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 Step into the enchanting realm of Argentine Tango with Rojo y Negro Tango Academy! Embark on a journey of sensuality and glamour led by the internationally acclaimed instructors, Lucas Boock and Bianca Vrcan, each boasting experience of over 25 years. Trained by masters in the art, their expertise extends beyond dance, encompassing biomechanics and physical techniques. Uncover the secrets of Tango from every angle through their effective and guaranteed teaching method. Join a global community, connecting with many likeminded people who share this beautiful passion. Don't miss the chance to communicate through Tango - a one-way street to self-discovery and worldwide camaraderie. Embrace the allure of dance; join us now!

Wednesday 11-12.30pm

Thursday 18-19.30pm


Discover the art of Argentine tango with us, teachers with more than 25 years of international experience! As dancers, choreographers and ambassadors of tango, we offer an effective and dynamic method. Our group classes are limited in number to guarantee quality learning. We have trained talented dancers all over the world, and now we bring our experience to Budva. Join our tango adventure, a dance of passion, glamour and status that has captivated millions. Join us for this unique experience and your tango journey starts here!


7:20 p.m. Technique lessons

8:45 p.m. Intermediate level


lessons prices

single group classes ---------€ 15.-

individual lessons (1 person oR couple)

with 1 teacher - €50.-
with 2 teachers - €80.-


preparation of dancers - choreography - various styles - salon tango,  tango pista,  tango escenario, neo tango

for enquiries contact us by whatsapp 

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To enter the great world of Tango is an incredible experience. Our method will give you the best conditions for learning. We work consciously in forming dancers, trasmitting all the knowledge acquired during almost 30 years of teaching experience, while living all the important processes of Tango evolution during that time and constantly studying with the greatest masters of all Tango styles. We believe in the technical process of learning, but also that of cultivating the authentic Tango feeling and we provide the cultural context for best learning and feeling the magic of Tango. We will generously give you all the necessary tools for becoming a great Tango dancer! This knowledge will help you improve all aspects of your health and these improvements will also strongly resonate in all other aspects of your life!
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