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This course is for students of all ages and abilities and no partner is necessary to join. Everyone is welcome! It is a structured course designed to give our students a good foundation to progress to the following level and start dancing socially. As with any new activity, intensity is essential part of the progress and it is important to attend all the lessons of the course. However, any missed lessons can be recovered in a following course. During the course, you will be working alone on your individual technique, in pairs (we suggest changing couples for better learning) and with us - 2 experienced international AT maestros. For the best results, the courses are designed for limited number of students in order to give each student plenty of attention and guidance. It is not necessary to have Tango shoes, any comfortable leather sole shoes or socks, will be good to start with. We will subsequently help you purchase Tango shoes, once you progress to the next level. Our studio is equipped with full size mirrors and dance bars, as well as many other professional learning tools. Our teaching is based on our own methods developed over 25+ years of teaching.

Flores borrosas
"Dancing tango prevents physiological deficiencies in healthy adults, and slows the natural ageing process".

the book "Con el corazón en el tango".

Ricardo Comasco - Roberto Peidro



1. Improves coordination of movements, balance and socialisation.

2. Promotes good posture and alleviates spinal problems.

3. Helps to combat aggression, anger, anxiety and depression.

4. Reduces and improves the distribution of body fat.

5. Maintains and improves muscular strength and endurance.

6. Slows down the natural ageing process.

7. Improves body image and self-esteem.

8. Reduces stress and improves mood.

9. Promotes learning, memory and creativity when remembering and improvising choreographies.

10. Regular practice increases aerobic capacity by up to 20%, which is equivalent to a functional return of more than 10 years.

"Why tango and not another dance? "In general, all types of dance have the capacity to generate well-being in people, both physically and psychically. But tango has conditions that make it special".
"First of all, it is a dance of improvisation, and this allows the free expression of feelings and emotions. In addition, it is a dance of intense embrace and this generates the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones, which favour different functions at a physiological and cerebral level. Finally, it is a dance of deep intimacy and communication with the partner, which promotes exchange and socialisation.

Federico Trossero

(psychiatrist and professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Rosario.)

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